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COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY IN FASHION: How Colours Influence Mood and Perception in the Workplace

20 Oct 2023


As humans, only 20 per cent of the decisions we make are conscious. This same rule applies when we wear colour: we have emotional experiences with different shades and respond to them subconsciously. Our gravitation towards certain colours based on our mood is often subliminal, but can have a significant impact on the workday.

Dressing for your mood is not a new phenomenon. The term dopamine dressing has been thrown around for years, and refers to the idea that there are colours in emotions, and this can have a significant impact on our state of mind. When we dress for dopamine, we deliberately choose clothes that are exciting and make us feel happier.

But how do we bring the subliminal to the surface, and better understand how colours and emotions coexist? The most simple colour theory breakdown divides colours into ‘cool colours’ and ‘warm colours’. Cool colours like green and blue hues can help to achieve a sense of calm. Likewise, reds, oranges, and yellows can boost your mood.

SABA’s modern wardrobe comprises everything from vibrant colours to pared-back tonal shades, with the aim of improving the way we work and empowering the way we live. SABA, combined with an understanding of colour psychology, is a wardrobe that has the power to change the way we feel.


Green is often thought to symbolise harmony, growth and renewal, making it the perfect colour to incorporate in spring wardrobes. Our sleek is now available in a relaxed shade of sage. Crafted from a premium l that offers a lightweight, durable and thermo-regulating construction, both the colour and fabric of are ideal for transeasonal outfitting.


Blue is the colour to wear for confidence. Thought to ease anxieties, symbolise depth of understanding and even lower blood pressure – this is the perfect shade to wear for significant moments like presentations, and interviews. Incorporate effortless confidence into your every day with the ; a and combination with a sleeveless, relaxed silhouette and ribbed trims in calming azure blue. Minimalist, sophisticated and elevated in style and mindset, this is the ensemble for your most important days.


Yellow is often used to get our attention. This bright, sunny shade is associated with intellect, optimism and enthusiasm, making it the perfect colour for hectic work trips and long travel days. Keep your chin up in our most loved – made for travel, and now available in cheerful daffodil. Go vibrant from head-to-toe in the and – made with a durable, low-crease Japanese fabrication and a vibrant textured finish that is perfect for desk-to-dinner wear.


To most, black isn’t considered a colour at all. In fact, because it absorbs all light on the colour spectrum, it is often considered the absence of colour. This absorption of all colours can be seen as a power move and invokes feelings of assertiveness. This is the shade to wear when you want to feel subtly strong or perceived as someone of authority.  For a balanced look, combine the power of black with a relaxed silhouette, as in the . Made from a ribbed, pitch-black fabrication, this has a hemline, a scooped neckline and a full .


Brown, often associated with nature, brings a sense of security. Like the earth beneath our feet, this warm tone can imbue solidity. This is the shade for slowing down and finding stillness. Ground your workday with the . Made from our premium European suiting fabric, this has added stretch for comfort, and a textural check design. Wear it over a or with a pair of for an elegant ensemble.


In dressing, white can mean openness, growth and creativity. White also conveys a feeling of newness, so it’s a good choice for a fresh start or for the first day of a new endeavour. The , is made from 100% in a fresh shade of white, with a style design, and an adjustable waist tie.

The psychology behind colours plays a pivotal role in workplace attire, shaping not only our appearance but also our state of mind. SABA weaves this understanding into a singularly modern wardrobe, redefining contemporary living and working. In the full spectrum of colours, these pieces encapsulate timelessness without losing touch with the present, and champion minimalism that never succumbs to monotony. Like colour and psychology, a SABA wardrobe has the power to elevate not just how we look, but how we feel.