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New Zealand


6 Nov 2023


When it comes to office-appropriate attire, the concept of dressing with colour has often been limited to the monotonous palette of monochrome blacks, greys and whites. However, injecting a vibrant spectrum of colours into your wardrobe can not only elevate your personal style but also communicate confidence and creativity. 

Before delving into the wardrobe, it's essential to understand the psychological impact of colors. Blues exude trust and professionalism, while reds can communicate passion and energy. Greens are associated with balance and growth, and yellows with positivity and intellect. 

Our best-selling suit separates are the perfect way to introduce colour into your workplace attire. Our suits have been made with a low-crease Japanese fabric that offers longevity and durability. Complete with a textured finish, these garments are ideal for desk to dinner wear. Available in gentle yellows, sage greens and bold reds, is here to bring your office style alive.

is a SABA wardrobe icon, made from a premium woolmark certified merino wool. This fabric offers a lightweight construction that is both thermo-regulating and durable. This style is available in all of your favourite classic monochrome hues, as well as bold blue hues and a lush raspberry to refresh your style.

An easy way to introduce colour into your day to day style is with a patterned blouse. Pair your with a silk-feel blouse in a bold colourway, or reach for a more romantic button-down complete with a vibrant floral . Coordinate the colours of your blouse with your to introduce more life into your style with ease.

Dressing with color is an art that can elevate your professional image and inject vitality into your personal style. Remember, the key is to strike the right balance, allowing your personality to shine while maintaining a level of sophistication that aligns with your personal aesthetic. So, embrace the rainbow, and let your wardrobe speak volumes about your style and confidence.


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