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Ephemera: About The Brand

30 Jun 2023


EPHEMERA is an Australian lifestyle brand driven by a European aesthetic and a nostalgic state of mind.

We create timeless pieces that are executed to the highest standards of cut, fit and finish.

Founder and Designer, Nicole Banning, comes from a luxury design background that includes a stint as a Designer at fabled fashion house Saint Laurent, Paris.

This experience supports the brand’s mission to create beautiful, ‘must-have’ pieces that are executed to the highest technical standards.

Taking care to select quality materials and engaging with manufacturing processes that respect our planet forms part of our core values. We believe in producing clothing that is built to last.

EPHEMERA is committed to sourcing and producing sustainably, this is a continuous process of education as new eco sustainable materials and practices become available and are integrated into our processes.

When you purchase a piece from EPHEMERA, we expect that it has a long lifetime in your closet and possibly other closets if it is passed on as a second hand piece later in its lifespan. ​


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