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To celebrate International Women's Day, we sat down with the UN Women Australia team to learn more about their roles and what the annual event means to them.

Meet Nicole, Business Intern.

Q: Can you talk us through a day in your life at UN Women Australia?

A typical day entails a scenic morning ferry ride through Sydney Harbour to the Manly office. I often have the opportunity to listen in on meetings with UN Women Australia's prospective partners and complete due diligence scans on organisations of interest.

Every day is dynamic. The role varies from merchandise stock counts to filming video content for the organisation's social media platforms

Q: What is your favourite aspect of the job and why?

My favourite aspect of the internship is learning more about the work UN Women Australia is undertaking to innovate change.

I love that I am encouraged to contemplate and express what gender equality and International Women’s Day means to me. I learn about the work behind the scenes to ensure supply chains are ethical and that women are actively integrated with decision-making processes. The internship has enabled me to be conscious of socio-cultural change, and I have a newfound hope for a gender-equal future.

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is a celebration of the endless contributions that women make to society. For young women like myself, it serves as a day of empowerment - a firm reminder that our gender does not inhibit our capacity to inspire and achieve across all areas, from technology and business to education or leadership.

International Women's Day symbolises the further activism and action that must be undertaken in the global fight for gender equality - especially for women and children in the global south. In recognising that action and advocacy is non-linear, I am further motivated to use my voice in the face of misogyny and gender microaggressions in everyday life.